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Newborn Photography in The Tampa Bay Area

You have just had a baby, and whether it's your first or your fifth, your bundle of joy makes your family more complete. It's time to celebrate by taking your first family picture together at Through The Lens Studios. At our photography company, we offer a range of family photo services, which includes newborn photography in Tampa Bay, FL. Taking pictures of a newborn is a skill that takes years to perfect. Our professionals have had ample time to build the right technique to capture your baby's unique features—the way they yawn, the way their tiny hands grip your finger, and the way their eyes light up when they see their loving parents.

Of course, our newborn photographer doesn't leave mom, dad, or any older siblings out of the picture. We select poses that keep the baby—and everyone else—comfortable. In the end, you'll have precious first moments with your newborn turned into memories you can look back on for years to come.

Newborn Photography in Clearwater, FL

Newborn Photographer to Give You Your New Family Portrait

Don't leave anyone out of the picture. When you have a newborn, you likely take as many pictures as you can with him or her. But the person taking the photo is either left out or is in an awkward pose in an attempt to get everyone in the picture. When you work with our baby photographer, all the hard work is taken care of.

We choose the perfect lighting, props, and scenery to create the right ambiance for your photos. However, the real stars of the pictures are you and your family. Whether it's just the baby, the whole family, or anywhere in between, you can expect exquisite and heartwarming images.

Baby Photographer With Decades of Experience

Don't trust the first professional pictures of your baby to just anyone—take him or her to our newborn photography studio. After more than 25 years of experience, we understand what it takes to get the perfect shots. Our photographers are masters of making clients comfortable, and that includes babies. We work with you to ensure your newborn is comfortable and safe, so you not only get beautiful pictures in the end, but peace of mind throughout the entire process.

Child Photographer Working With Kids of All Ages

In many ways, older children are even more difficult to get a good picture of than newborns. They move a lot more and many are even scared of the lights and equipment. However, our child photographer knows a range of techniques to get your kids smiling and laughing. And the more authentic the smile, the better the final product is.

Contact us today to learn more about our newborn photography services. We proudly serve clients in Clearwater, Gulf Beaches, Largo, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, Florida.